Wedding/Event Childcare

7 May

Recently my fianc√©, (Former Childcare Professional) was contacted through word of mouth to provide services at a wedding. It seemed awkward at first but now that I think about it, it’s truly an ingenious idea. This way if your guests have kids, or can’t find a sitter, they won’t have an excuse to get out of going to your wedding ūüėČ You can say that childcare will be provided at the event.

I began to research some companies that provide this service and there are a few out there. My fianc√© does this on the side, pretty much through word of mouth so it’s not a large company. She shows up at the wedding and they have a room provided to here where she can lay out some toys, or put a DVD on and then throughout the day/night/event, parents come in to drop their kids off. Whether it was for 20 minutes, or for a few hours, the kids hung out, played games and read books while the parents were never more than an ear shot away. At one point the wedding party had the kids come down to the reception to dance if they wanted to. If the child became too upset in the room, the parents were able to be notified and they came and picked up their child or came to calm them down. Some kids even slept in the room. It was nice that the kids had a “playroom” of sorts to go to rather than being miserable or unruly trying to sit still for hours.

It seems to be a great alternative to leaving your kids with a babysitter, or having to watch them throughout the entire event. There are companies out there that provide this custom service and I will definitely think about it for my next event. It’s a nice way to keep the kids involved but also having a place for them to go with adult supervision all while giving you a break to enjoy the event.

Contact me if you would like pricing or more information about providing Childcare services at your next event. Enjoy!


10 Things The Wedding Industry Won’t Tell You!

19 Apr

The link above brings you to a well written article, full of GREAT ADVICE, written by Kelli B. Grant. 

P.S.- #4, 5 and 10 jump out to me especially, but they are all good pieces of advice.

Why you should hire a professional DJ for your event

16 Apr

Well said…Thanks KnightHawkDJService


There are definitely pros and cons of hiring a DJ for your event. Whether it be a wedding or just a special event. Maybe you are considering a band, or simply doing it yourself with an iPod/iPad. There are a lot of things to take into consideration when making your decision as to what avenue you would like to take.

Consider this, although live entertainment is wonderful and can create a upbeat and fun atmosphere. Do you know a band that can play for 4 plus hours straight without a break? How about can they play a number of genres? Bands are great for your event if they are able to play a number of genres and if they can accommodate requests during their play time. DJs are great to complement the services of a band. A DJ can play between sets create some excitement during the break for the…

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Free Tools For Music Production

16 Apr

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Ever wanted to try your hand at making music? Or maybe you want to DJ and just don’t have the cash. Maybe you just want to make music production a hobby. Well no matter what your reason may be there are many free tools that can be used for music production and DJing. From mastering suites to synthesizers, there are many free tools that can get your started on the right track. Shall we begin?

Digital Audio Workstations

PreSonus Studio One

This one was a hidden gem for me. After doing research for a totally different mastering suite, I had begun to see Studio One mentioned from time to time. So I decided to check it out. PreSonus Studio one is a full mastering suite where you can edit audio and also build your own sounds/music. For a free product Studio one is fairly advanced, although it does come with…

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Why have a wedding cake?

16 Apr

I like the idea of breaking the cake over the bride…I don’t know if she’d go for it though, but I will ask!

Sweet 16 Candle Lighting Ceremony

15 Apr

Sweet 16 Birthday parties can be very special; for the parents, family, and the birthday girl. There is a tradition I’ve seen at a few parties I’ve done where they have a candle lighting ceremony. Basically the birthday girl has the special people in her life light each candle individually and as she calls them up she says something special about the person/people that are lighting the candle. Below is a generic step by step instruction on how to have the candle lighting ceremony:

Step #1: Get a cake. Haha! Make sure it is big enough to serve the amount of people attending the party.

Step #2: Candles. The normal size candles will work just fine but I have seen ceremonies where they use candles that are a bit larger or more colorful than normal. Place 16 to 17 candles on the cake.

Step #3: The birthday girl will call up the people she wants to light the candles 1 at a time. As she calls the person/people up to light the candle, she says a few words about the person/people over the microphone. Usually sharing a special moment or memory she may have with them. I have seen the people called up in no specific order at times and others they have stuck with the ‘Generic’ order…To spice it up, have the DJ play a different song for each separate candle. Give the DJ advanced notice (a week or so) with a song list so they can prepare a mix or at least have the songs set up in order to play and have the ceremony go smooth.

Candle Lighting Order: 

  • Candle¬†1: For the parents.
  • Candle 2: For siblings or, if no siblings, than it’s for the Grandparents.¬†
  • Candles 3 – 6: For family members. Aunts/Uncles/Cousins/Etc.
  • Candles 7 –¬†14: These are for chosen friends.¬†
  • Candle 15: For a best friend or best¬†friends. Last but not least,
  • Candle 16: For a guy (If there is a boyfriend or it may be a best guy friend.)
  • Candle 17: (If you choose) Used as an inspirational/good luck¬†candle.

Step#4: After all the candles are lit we sing Happy Birthday and you know the rest.

However you choose to do the ceremony is up to you. Either way it is going to be a special moment. Let me know if you have any questions. Contact me anytime!

Site Being Built Now

12 Apr


The new site is in the process of being built as we speak. It may take a while as I am trying to build it on my own but it’s coming until then stay tuned to this blog and feel free to contact me with any event needs or just questions. I’d be more than happy to help!




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